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Appliance Services

Admirol Appliances Repair – services (805)464-6629

Admirol Appliances Repair is the best appliance services provider serving the Arcadia region. To schedule a service, talk to us today. Here are some of the services we provide.

Hood Repair and Installation

For commercial and residential hood repair/installation, talk to Admirol Appliances Repair. We are the number one appliance repair company in Arcadia and we provide the best services. Our staffs come with great experience when it comes to hood problems. Therefore, we provide fast and efficient service.


Refrigerator Repair Services

Admirol Appliances Repair specializes in repairing refrigerators, for commercial and residential use. We have well-versed personnel who have great knowledge hence providing fast and efficient solutions. We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction when it comes to refrigerator repair. Call Admirol Appliances Repair now to schedule the service.

Dishwasher Repair Solutions

A faulty dishwasher can cause headaches knowing that you will have to wash the dishes manually. Fortunately, Admirol Appliances Repair guarantees Arcadia residents super dishwasher repair solution. Being the most recognized dishwasher repair company, we guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. Call us now for an in-house dishwasher repair.


Washing Machine Repair Solutions

Are you looking for washer repair assistance? Admirol Appliances Repair is the ultimate choice when it comes to repairing a faulty dishwasher. We have a vast knowledge when it comes to repairing of the dishwashers. Therefore, you are guaranteed that we will meet your requirements. Contact Admirol Appliances Repair today for the best washer repair solutions and appliance services.

Admirol Appliances Repair – CALL (805)464-6629

Freezer Repair Solutions

The freezer is an important kitchen appliance especially when you are storing food for a longer period. Admirol Appliances Repair provides the best freezer repair solutions. We have several years of experience repairing the freezers from different manufacturers. Therefore, no matter the brand of your freezer, talk to us.

Freezer repair solutions

Oven Repair Services

At Admirol Appliances Repair, we take great pride in performing oven repair services. We provide affordable solutions to meet everyday customer requirements. Therefore, in case the oven is not baking well or makes a strange noise when switched on, talk to Admirol Appliances Repair for oven diagnosis and problem-solving.

Dryer Repair Services

If your dryer is not working optimally, we have the perfect solution. Admirol Appliances Repair provides you experienced and well-trained dryer repair technicians.

We have the knowledge, skills and spare parts required to repair different dryer types. So call Admirol Appliances Repair now to schedule for a dryer repair or installation service.